Swap SDK is meant to provide simple interfaces for calculating all parameters needed for token swaps: slippage, price impact, exact supply/target, etc.

Before making any swap there needed to few calls to check liquidity and to calculate some basic parameters to make swaps safer and to avoid malicious operations as front-running or sandwich-attacks.

First, you need to create an instance of either SwapPromise or SwapRx:

  const swapPromise = new SwapPromise(api);

After setup arguments of swap:

  const acaToken = walletPromise.getToken("ACA");
  const ausdToken = walletPromise.getToken("AUSD");

  const path = [acaToken, kusdToken] as [Token, Token];
  const supplyAmount = new FixedPointNumber(1, acaToken.decimal);
  // set slippage 1 %
  const slippage = new FixedPointNumber(0.01);

And make calculate parameters with next interface:

const parameters = swapPromise.swap(path: Token[], amount: FixedPointNumber, type: "EXACT_INPUT" | "EXACT_OUTPUT");

type defines whether the swap should be with exact supply or exact target.

You can find the full code sample here: swapWithSDK.ts

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